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Author Blog: May '22

Celebrating my next wip with teaser tuesdays

Author Blog: Oct '22

My current WIP is a paranormal academy romance, with a why choose slant, slow burn and high spice. To keep you on your toes I'll be releasing a little teaser every Tuesday on my instagram page - check it out!

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Author Blog: Jun '22

Super excited for this release : Luna eclipse is out!

To celebrate the completion of the duet, The Wolves of Fenrir Watch, a spicy paranormal fantasy romance, I'm running a free promo of book one from the 7th til the 10th of June!

Author Blog: Jan '22

The good, the bad and the "oh my god you didn't"s of my first year as an indie author

I'm an independent author - an 'indie author' - I don't have a publisher, but it took some time to get here. It is NOT all about writing which SHOCKED me. Check out my mistakes and recommendations in this post

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