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Zana Wilder presents book two of an Academy Urban Fantasy with slow burn romance and gripping plot.

She grew up knowing trust means death. Will putting her life in the hands of three arrogant supernatural bad boys prove fatally irresistible?

Featured Titles

Luna Ascending, book one in The Wolves of Fenrir Watch
Demon Found, book one in Fates Academy
Tainted Fae, prequel novella to Fates Academy

Claimed by two very different warring men, I must awaken my power, and choose my fate. My name is Freya Faye. A few weeks ago, I was just an ordinary, lonely librarian. I didn't believe in magic, witches or werewolves. Hell, I didn't even really believe in love. All that changed the second Dirk Varg entered my life. He's arrogant, cocky and kind of rough around the edges. That doesn't change the fact that when we lock eyes, my heart skips a beat and a strange power courses through my body. Dirk's no ordinary man. He's the heir to a clan of wolf shifters. In other words, he's a damn werewolf! Somehow I’ve been swept into an ancient feud between shifter clan and witch coven. They both claim me; my friends, family and my heart are all caught in the crossfire. But I’ve got a secret, a power no one else has. I’ll use that power to fight back. Starting now, no one hurts the people I care about. No one decides my fate but me…

She grew up knowing trust means death. Will putting her life in the hands of three arrogant supernatural bad boys prove fatally irresistible? Lorelei guards her independence fiercely. Determined to win a sponsorship and enroll in magical college, the snarky orphan is focused on getting the hell out of the slums. But the eighteen-year-old is left scrambling when her cruel foster parent’s interference puts her on an impossible deadline to unlock her powers of transformation. Bargaining with a handsome wyvern for help, Lorelei tries desperately to ignore the sparks that fly when he demands a kiss in payment. If she wants out of the hole she grew up in, she has to graduate from Fates Academy. But that's increasingly difficult when every damn student looks down on her, the insanely attractive and entirely forbidden bad boys are so bloody distracting, and heart wrenching betrayal lurks around each corner. Can this feisty loner find her tribe before she goes down in flames? Demon Found is the first novel in the Fates Academy paranormal romance series. If you like sassy heroines, drool-worthy book boyfriends, and slow-burn attraction, then you’ll love Zana Wilder’s elemental university. Buy Demon Found to start a sexy semester today!

She’s unpopular. He’s the golden boy. Will releasing her dark magic ruin their chance at love? Val isn’t who she always thought she was. Something weird is happening with her powers and even her family has betrayed her. Her desperate desire to fit in at the academy could be the very thing that outs her as unfae. And if she exposes herself, she’ll lose everything. Tainted Fae is a standalone novella in Zana Wilder’s paranormal academy romance series Fates Academy. If you like sassy heroines, supernatural bad boys, and smoldering romance, then you’ll love this.

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