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Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy in your headphones.

Romance that bites back

Become immersed in the enchanting world of urban fantasy and paranormal romance today.

Get Zana Wilder audiobooks!

There's a story behind this - of course there is. I'm an author dammit!

So, when I was a kid we didn't have a TV, my escape was books and reading. I (obviously) never lost that love. It hit me the other day that our lives have become so busy we don't make time for books. Someone who used to love books told me they "just don't have time to read" and it broke my heart a little. Now, while I urge you to MAKE THE TIME, I also know that's not always practical. So how about you listen while doing housework, cleaning the yard, etc. Great idea, yeah? Except audiobooks are so damn expensive. 

Here's where I had one of those light-bulb ideas: what if there is a way for me to make enough money to keep writing and you can get books free? It would be win-win, right?

Well, y'know what? There is!

Welcome to my YouTube Channel

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How can you make sure this fairy tale comes true?

Watch, like and subscribe - that is it! 

No pennies to pay.

Once I reach threshold for YouTube to pay out (they don't do it unless you have a set number of subscribers and views!) then I know I can run with the idea.

This is an experiment. I'm giving it six months to get off the ground, so go get listening and make sure your favorite books make it to the YouTube episodes!

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