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Luna Ascending

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Claimed by two very different warring men, I must awaken my power, and choose my fate…

My name is Freya Feye. A few weeks ago, I was just your ordinary, lonely librarian. I didn't believe in magic, witches or werewolves. Hell, I didn't even know if I believed in love. All that changed the second Dirk Varg entered my life.

He's arrogant, cocky and kind of rough around the edges. That doesn't change the fact that when we lock eyes, my heart skips a beat and a strange power courses through my body. Dirk's no ordinary man. He's the alpha heir to a clan of wolf shifters. In other words, he's a damn werewolf!

Somehow I’ve been swept into an ancient feud between shifter clan and witch coven. They both claim me; my friends, family and my heart are all caught in the crossfire. But I’ve got a secret, a power no one else has ever had. I’ll use that power to fight back. Starting now, no one hurts the people I care about.

No one decides my fate but me…

WARNING: This books contain profanities, violence and open door sex scenes. 

Luna Eclipse

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I'm an ex-Luna.

I rejected my mate.

There's only one problem – my mate's an alpha and he always gets what he wants. Right now, he wants me... I've no idea if he's trying to protect me, or kill me. 

I have to run, and keep running.

It seems like there are bigger things at stake than just having control of my own life. There's a war between the Coven and the Shifters, the Vampires are scheming, and there's a breech in the Watch. I'm hiding my secret as best I can but everyone wants something from me. 

Who the hell can I trust? Or is the real trick to trust nobody?

I'm not sure where my loyalties lie any-more, or how to reconcile myself with fate.

WARNING: This books contain profanities, violence and open door sex scenes. 

Confronting Fate:
Prequel Novella in The Wolves of Fenrir Watch

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How can an intelligent, kind and compassionate beta wolf like Tavey fall for a manipulative, cold cougar? Will she break him with her antics or will he find what he's looking for - something more than a blond bimbo with eyes for any man?

A stand-alone novella in The Wolves of Fenrir Watch Series, Confronting Fate is the perfect short prequel to Luna Ascending.

Contains mature content and is recommended for 18+ due to explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature.

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